Weissgerber's family, which was Jewish, had its roots in Sadagura (renowned for miracle performing rabbis), near Czernowitz in the Bukovina, at the outer extremity of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire immortalized by Gregor von Rezzori in his Memoirs of an Anti-Semite. Weissgerber's family settled in Volos, Greece, where he was born shortly before they moved to Smyrna (now Izmir, Turkey). As a prodigy, he performed throughout the Ottoman Empire, once playing in Constantinople for Sultan Abdul Hamid II, who rewarded him with four parrots. He studied in Budapest with Jenö Hubay - also the teacher of Szigeti, Telmanyi, Zathurecky, Martzy and many other eminent violinists - then in Berlin with the Odessa-born Issay Barmas.
Aside from his discs with d'Albert, Weissgerber made recordings for Vox (partnered by Karol Szreter), Homochord, and, after Hitler rose to power, the Lukraphone label - possibly designated for Jews only - with Kurt Sanderling at the piano. Soon after he emigrated to Israel with his brother, Joseph, a cellist; both had been recruited by Huberman to join the Palestine Symphony. A sound film made of him at the time, Shir Ivri (Hebrew Melody), was discovered among his brother's possessions and published on DVD. He died of a heart attack in Tel Aviv.
This DVD is part of the series and features the film Schir Iwri by Joseph Achron. Plays Andreas Weissgerber, Artististic Director Helmar Lerski, Camera: W Kristeller. The outside shots were filmed in Jerusalem’s Old Town in the winter of 1934-35. The soundtrack was recorded in the studio of the Tobis-Klangfilm company, Berlin. This film was believed lost, but is now presented here for the first time.
Andreas Weissgerber Discography
6277-A : Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 7 (Johannes Brahms, Josef Joachim) (NE 01/1926)
6277-B : Der Vogel als Prophet (Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms) (NE 01/1926)
Karol Szreter, Förster-Flügel
06337-A : Adagio aus dem Trio B-Dur M: Ludwig van Beethoven, op. 11 (NE 03/1927)
06337-B : Thema und Variationen aus dem Trio B-Dur M: Ludwig van Beethoven, op. 11 (NE 03/1927)
06368-A : Scherzo aus dem Trio B-Dur M: Franz Schubert, op. 99 (NE 10/1927)
06368-B : Scherzo aus dem Trio B-Dur M: Franz Schubert, op.100 (NE 10/1927)
Weissgerber-Trio: Claudio Arrau, piano; Andreas Weissgerber, viool; Joseph Weissgerber, cello
Odeon 0-7511 (12")
O. Graef, piano
Souvenir de Moscou, op.6 (Wieniawski)
Zigeunerweisen, op.20 (Sarasate)
Berlin 1928

Odeon 0-4106 (10") + orch.:
The canary (Poliakin) / Imitation of drums (Poliakin)
Berlin 1929 published under the name of "Edward Styx"

Odeon R 55613/4 (78)
Nicolo Paganini
Le Streghe: Variations on a theme from the ballet Il noce di Benevento by Franz Xaver Süssmayr, in D major, M.S. 19 (Op. 8)
[Arranged for violin and piano]

Odeon 78O 7512
Hubay: Csardas
Brahms-Joachim: Hungarian Dance 2,5
O.Graef, piano

Odeon 78O 7513
Kreisler: Liebeslied, Liebesfreud
O.Graef, piano

1. Hubay: Hullánzo Balatón, Czardas

Odeon Rxx 76 236 (xxB 6607)
2. Brahms-Joachim: 2. + 5. Ungarischer Tanz

Odeon Rxx 76 237 (xxB 6610-III)

Andreas Weissgerber, viool + Michael Raucheisen, piano
October 1923


Andreas Weissgerber, Violin
Eugen d'Albert (Francis Charles) (1864-1932), piano
Enregistrements Odeon Allemagne (13 octobre 1923)
Beethoven Sonata for Violin and Piano #5 (Spring), Op. 24, 3: Scherzo Odeon 80706, matrix xxB 6885 (13-10-1923) Arbiter 147, Symposium 1146
Beethoven Sonata for Violin and Piano #5 (Spring), Op. 24, 4: Rondo Odeon 80706, matrix xxB 6885 (13-10-1923) Arbiter 147, Symposium 1146
Mozart Sonata for Violin and Piano #19, K. 296, 2: Andante Sostenuto Odeon 80707, matrix xxB 6884-3 (13-10-1923)
(Arbiter also contains alternate take 6884-1 or -2)
Arbiter 147, Symposium 1146
DECCA 78 25236
Andreas Weissgerber, Violin
O. Graef, piano
Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen
Wieniawski: Souvenir de Moscow
Andreas Weissgerber, Violine
Kurt Sanderling, Klavier
1117 A - Achron Joseph : Hebräische melodie (Film)
1117 B - Martini Francesco : Andantino
1118 A - Hubay Jenö : Czárdas (Ungarischer Tanz)
1118 B - Falla Manuel de : Spanischer Tanz aus La Vida Breve (Oper)
Beyond Recall
A record of Jewish musical life in Nazi Berlin 1933 - 1938
Bear Family BCD 16030
ISBN : 3-89795-825-2 (11 CDs / 1 DVD)
Joseph Achron : Hebräische Melodie [Hebrew Melody, Shir Iwry] (DVD)
Hubay Jenö : Czárdas