Broken Silence
Universal DVD 822 251-6
Disc 1

1 Some Who Lived (Algunos Que Vivieron)
Argentine filmmaker Luis Puenzo (Director of Academy Award-Winning Film, The Official Story) directed this Spanish-language Film, weaving together testimonies from Holocaust survivors now living in Argentina and Uruguay with archival and modern-day footage. Puenzo also explores the connections between Nazism and the darker chapters in Argentine history.

2 Eyes of the Holocaust (A Holocaust szemei)
Director Janos Szasz, the son of Holocaust survivors, made this Hungarian-language documentary that focuses on the experiences of survivors who were children during the Holocaust.

3 Children from the Abyss
Holocaust survivors in this Russian-language documentary detail their experiences of resistance, betrayal, rescue and the desire for revenge. Directed by Pavel Chukhraj (Academy Award Nominee for his film The Thief).

Disc 2

4 I Remember (Pamietam)
Academy Award Honouree Andrej Wajda directed this Polish-Language documentary about four survivors who were either helped or betrayed by their Polish neighbours.

5 Hell On Earth (Peklo Na Zemi)
Renowned Czech Filmmaker Vojtech Jasny directed this Czech-language documentary, a look at Theresienstadt, the "model" Czech ghetto set up by the Nazis to deceive the world about how well the Jews were treated.