Erik Levi
The Impact of Nazism on Twentieth-Century Music
Boehlau Verlag
ISBN : 978-3-205-79543-8
24 x 17 cm, 354 S.




The impact of Nazism on twentieth-century music was immense as evidenced by this volume featuring seventeen essays by a group of internationally recognised scholars.
The range of enquiry is extraordinarily wide, covering the issue of “Inner Emigration” during the Third Reich and remigration in the Netherlands after the Second World War, as well as the work of exiled composers such as Korngold, Weill, Weigl, Ullmann, Eisler, Achron, Goldschmidt and Gál.
In addition, there are penetrating discussions of the employment of Handel’s music in the Jewish Cultural League, Nazi musical censorship in occupied Poland and the fate of émigré musicians and musicologists in wartime Britain.
Three chapters detail the musical relationship between Franco’s Spain and the Third Reich.