Changi souvenir song book
Narromine, N.S.W. : Clifford Whitelocke, [1947?]

A selection of musical numbers created by Ray Tullipan and Slim de Grey at Changi and presented to the thousands of
Allied prisoners of war by the AIF (Eight Division) Concert Party
Waiting and praying for you
Waiting for something to happen
My castle in the air
Keep smiling
A tea cup romance
A penny for your thoughts
Cross my heart
They've taken my old pal away
Keep singing
Serenade to you
Who care's
Looking at the moon
Desert blues
All dressed up
Smile again
I just wanna be with you
You're sweeter than all I know
A memory of you
Just a bungalow called home
Feelin' tired
Back in circulation again
Out of the army.