Musik hinterm Stacheldraht.
Tagebuch eines internierten Musikers 1940-1945

Verlag für Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH, 1999
ISBN: 3-93298-148-0

Muziek achter prikkeldraad
Dagboek uit een interneringskamp 1940 - 1945

Beversweerd-Utrecht. Stichting Kasteelconserten Beversweerd-Matrijs. 1999
ISBN: 9-05345-137-4

NL BEV 9801-2 (CD inclus dans le livre)

  1. Fantasia on a provençal Christmas carol for oboe and string Quartet (andante moderato)
Kreuzbug Internment Camp, 1942
  Dutch radio string quartet, Ingrid Nissen (oboe)
  Radiobroadcast of December 1943 / Swedish Broadcasting Company (Stockholm)

  2. Music behind the Barber wire I (presentation text)
  3. Numbers (that's what we are now) for bariton and orchestra
  4. Music behind the Barber wire II (presentation text)

  The Turning World. Suite for 2 pianos (1942-1943)
5. a) Song
  6. b) March
  7. c) piano work
  Recorded in July 1944 at Kreuzbug Internment Camp

  8. Selection from Gershwin's Shall we Dance
  9. Life in Ilag VIII Z - Part I (presentation text)
10. Go down Moses - Negrospiritual
11. Life in Ilag VIII Z - Part I (presentation text)

Missa (in festo nativitatis) for male voices a capella
Kreuzbug Internment Camp, 1942
Paul de Kok, student male choir Utrecht
12. - Kyrie
13. - Gloria
14. - Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei

Dance Pieces for violin and viola
Kreuzbug Internment Camp, 1942
15. - Allegro vivace
16. - Allegretto
17. - Presto

Songs voice and piano
Kreuzburg Internment Camp, 1943
18. The Princess’ Song
19. The Maiden Passionflower
20. In Old Seville
21. Finale (from Good Night)

22. Improvisation, piano solo
Wiliam Hilsley (piano)