Stalag Luft I
Each compound had its own orchestra and dramatic organization.  Our compound was handicapped by the lack of a large hall a great share of the time.  On both Christmas and New Years Eves we were permitted the use of a partly completed mess hall.  The orchestra, glee club, individual musicians and comedians all combined to give two fine variety shows.  Our compound was guest of North I for two productions.  The first was a variety show and the other was a fine job on “The Man Who Came To Dinner”.  The orchestras were quite capable considering the difficulties they encountered.  The kriegie orchestra produced all their own arrangements and even found time to compose a few songs as well.  Each new show seemed to feature a new song.  Probably the most popular of these compositions was “Low is the Sun”, words and music by POW John Lashly.



Days have their worries
Nights have their furies
But in between times its dull
I hate to seem alone
So hate to dream alone
Evenings bring such a lull, so –

Low is the sun as slowly it leaves the sky,
Low is the moon as night draws nigh,
So is my heart whenever the day is through
Once a day, every day, evenings bring thoughts of you
Each long shadow whispers -
You must be lonely too
But my heart keeps saying
“Don’t go back, your through”, so –

When in dusk I sit around just for fun
Its to think of you, only, lonely, when low in the sun.