Eddie Wallis
b. August 16, 1900, The Hague ('s-Gravenhage), Belgium,
d. Oktober 16, 1966, Santa Monica, California, USA. (some sources say b. 1906)
né:  Eduard Weiszfisz

Eddie Wallis, studied the violin at the Amsterdamer Conservatoire, in Holland. In the 1920s, he moved to Berlin, Germany where he freelanced, playing at various cabarets. Then in 1927, he formed his own "Jazz" orchestra (also "Jazz Symphony Orchestra") which was recorded on different labels (Audiphon, BuScha, Clangor, Hertie, Phonycord Flexibel, Sonora, Tempo).

From 1927-1932, Wallis recorded primarily for Hermanna Maassena's Czech 'Artiphon' label (later absorbed by Hermann Eisner in Berlin, Germany). Among the stars who appeared with the band were Karla Hrušky, Járy Pospšla, Bořka Rujana, Lva Uhlře and Jaroslava Zlonického. The band played a wide variety of dance, film music, opera and Operettas. Among the songs he recorded were "Singin' in the Rain", "Little Pal", "I'm In The Seventh Heaven", "Waiting for You" amd "Oh! Mo'nah", often sung in both German and English by such vocalists as Con Conway, Eric Helgar, Erwin Hartung and Eugen Rex.

In Germany, Wallis also recorded for the "Brilliant" label under the name of 'R. A. Dvorského and his Melody Boys', and also as 'Joe London and his Orchester' (the song "Good Night, Sweetheart"). He subsequently recorded as Eddy Wallis on the Berlin record label "Lukra". In 1932, the orchestra became resident at Berlin's famed Hotel Eden.

In 1933, when the National Socialists (NAZI) came to power in Germany, he moved back to Holland. where he played in Rotterdam (at the Café Caland), at Hilversum, and in 1934 in Luxembourg. During this time, his band worked under such names as the 'Fantasia Orkest', 'Esmeralda Orkest' and 'Rosian Orkest' Among the notable soloists who worked with Eddy Wallis at that time were such stars as pianist Isja Rossican, trumpeter Clara de Vries, sister of jazz musician Jacka de Vries and Louise de Vries.

When the German army invaded Holland, Wallis, who was Jewish, was imprisoned in the Amsterdam ghetto, where he worked with other famous Jewish musicians including Paul Godwin, pianist Heinz Lachmann, and clarinetist Martin Roman.

In 1945, when the war ended in Europe, Wallis' new orchestra was heard broadcasting from the Hilversum (Holland) radio station. In 1947, his orchestra was resident at the Bussum restaurant. In 1952, he appeared at the Jerusalem (Israel) coffee-house 'Tifereth'.