Max Ehrlich Association
Bravo! Da Capo
(Hail to the Chief)
October 1943
The premier of this Revue takes place on October 16th 1943. 
The program includes 19 scenes, for which Willy Rosen relies on several tried and true songs dating back to better days. But new material is included as well. 
Once again, based on the Theater Group's on-going success, Max Ehrlich obtains permission to increase the number of persons involved in the production.
Jetty Cantor replaces Camilla Spira who, "Arianized," has left Westerbork to return home to Germany. 
Other newcomers include Josef Baar, Michel Gobets, Alexander Lothar Ringer and the well-known screen actor, Kurt Geron. Sadly, of all these, only Jetty Cantor still will be around for the next production.
A major new attraction in this revue are the Westerbork Girls, a chorus line of attractive young women.
For rehearsals, all the participants are excused from their daily work in the camp; but, they are required to make up this lost time each day as soon as the rehearsals are over. After all, contributing to the cabaret productions isn't considered to be work!

The program lists 18 scenes: 
1. Karneval! Karneval! (Das Ensemble) Carneval! Carneval! (The full cast) 
2. Etwas über Pelze , Something about Furs (Josef Baar)
3. "Ich brauch' heut' noch ein Glaserl Wein!", "I Still Need a Little Glass of Wine Today!"
(Jetty Cantor, Esther Philipse, Mara Rosen, Hermann Feiner, Günther Witepski, Michel Gobets )
4. Eine Dichterschlacht , A Battle of Poets (Josef Baar - Max Ehrlich)
5. Der Mann, über den man lacht. , The Man they're Laughing about. (Hermann Feiner)
6. Tanzmusik , Dance Music! (Esther Philipse - S. Dickson-Dekker)
7. Theater! Theater! [Der Mord im Boudoir] [Death in the Boudoir]
(Max Ehrlich, Mara Rosen, Günther Witepski, Josef Baar, Ruth Pagener)
8. Der Tenor , The Tenor (Michel Gobets)
9. "The Westerbork Girls Dance! (The Westerbork Girls)
Die Westerbork Girls tanzen! (Die Westerbork Girls)
10. Ich singe für dich, Jonny! , "I Sing for you Jonny!"
(Jetty Cantor, Mara Rosen, Lotte Heider, Günther Witepski, Lothar Ringer, Louis de Wijze)
11. Eifersucht , Jealousy (Kurt Geron)
12. So muss man's machen! , That's the Way to Do it! 
(Max Ehrlich, Hermann Feiner, Jetty Cantor, Esther Philipse, Josef Baar, Heinz Rosenfeld)
13. Wir gehen in die Pause! (Das Ensemble), We're taking a break (The full cast))
14. Das Mädel vom Chor , The Girl from the Chorus Line (Esther Philipse)
15. Frauen! , Women! (Michel Gobets)
16. Das kleine Nachtlokal , The little Night Club (Max Ehrlich, Heinz Rosenfeld, Jean Freund)
17. Willy Rosen - Erich Ziegler an zwei Flügeln, on two Grand Pianos
18. Streichquartett [Schwank in einem Akt] , Practical Joke Quartet [Comedy in One Act] 
(Josef Baar, Jetty Cantor, Esther Philipse, Max Ehrlich, Hermann Feiner, 
Günther Witepski, Arthur Durlacher, Mara Rosen)
19. Slussbild (Das Ensemble), Final Scene (The full cast)
  The performers named in the program are:
Hannelore Cahn
Jetty Cantor
Catherina Frank
Ulla Gross
Lotte Heider
Margaretha Kahlenberg
Anne Katz-Jordan
Beatrice Lissauer
Ruth Pagener
Esther Philipse
Mara Rosen
S. Troeder
Sophie Wertheim
Josef Baar
Simon Dickson-Dekker
Arthur Durlacher
Max Ehrlich
Hermann Feiner
Jean Freund
Kurt Geron
Michel Gobets
Max Kannewasser (Jones).
Lothar Ringer
Willy Rosen
Heinz Rosenfeld
Louis de Wijze
Günther Witepski
Nol van Wesel (Jonny) und 
Erich Ziegler

Jaques Barendse
M. Cantor
W. Drukker
Jean Freund
I. Gokkes
Jack Goudsmit
Maurits van Kleef
Nardus van Ploeg
N. Slier
T. de Vries
S. van Weran


Also named: 
Ludwig Belitzer, chorus rehearsals, musical arrangements
Fritz Bernhard, material delivery for the costumes
Arthur Durlacher, Inspection
Eugen Frankenstein, room set-up
Leo Kok, scenery design
Hans Krieg, chorus rehearsals, musical arrangements
Hans Margules, scenery design
Felix Oppenheim, production
Gordon Moscow, production
Veffer, costume delivery