Max Ehrlich Association
Bunter Abend 3
(Colorful Evening 3)
April 1944

By this time, the Theater Group is strongly depleted due to new deportations amongst its few remaining members to Theresienstadt and Bergen-Belsen. Nevertheless, the quality of the performances continues to remain "outstanding," as Fred Schwartz, a contemporary observer notes.
As in the most recent show a month earlier, the program includes 16 scenes. The main theme concerns the battle of the sexes and all references to camp life in Westerbork have now disappeared from the stage.
The program lists 16 scenes:
1. "Mit Humor geht alles noch mal so gut!", With Humor, Everything Goes Twice as Well!"
(Jetty Cantor, Lisl [sic] Frank, Esther Philipse, Mara Rosen, Otto Aurich)
2. Max Ehrlich - Franz Engel 
["Und wenn schon - was geht mich das an?"] ["And Even if so - what's it got to do with Me?"]
3. Esther Philipse  [Der neue Revuestar.] [The New Revue Star.]
4. Mara Rosen - Franz Engel  ["Nur nicht heiraten."] ["Just Don't Get Married."]
5. Lisl (sic) Frank  [Dein alter Anzug ist noch gut, Bobby."] ["Your Old Suit is Still Okay, Bobby."]
6. Jetty Cantor ["Ich kann nicht auf dich warten, mein Junge.."] ["I can't Wait for You My Boy.."]
7. Männer im Schrank [Schwank in einem Akt.], Men in the Closet [Comedy in One Act.]
(Mara Rosen, Max Ehrlich, Franz Engel, Otto Aurich)
8. Lisl (sic) Frank [Die "Bestie Mann"]. ["Man the Beast."]
9. Max Ehrlich - Franz Engel in 
["Stimmen der Grossstadt" (Im Radiostudio)] ["Voices of the City" (In the Radio Studio)]
10. Die lieben alten Operetten , The Dear Old Operettas (Max Ehrlich, Franz Engel, Otto Aurich, Mara Rosen)
11. Jetty Cantor [Strassenmusik] [Street Music]
12. Max Ehrlich - Otto Aurich [Versicherung] [Insurance]
13. Liesl Frank - Otto Aurich [Schaufenster-Reklama] [Window Dressing]
14. Gespielte Witze, Jokes Played
15. a) Willy Rosen am Flügel mit Esther Philipse,  at the Grand Piano
b) Erich Ziegler am Flügel, at the Grand Piano
16. Die Schule der Autoren [Schwank in einem Akt] , Authors' School [Comedy in One Act] 
(Otto Aurich), Max Ehrlich, Franz Engel)
  The performers named in the program are:
Jetty Cantor
Lisl (sic) Frank
Esther Philipse
Mara Rosen
Otto Aurich
Franz Engel
Max Ehrlich
Willy Rosen
Erich Ziegler

Also named:
Leo Kok, scenery