Michael Cohen
Livret : Enid Futterman
Newport NPD 85656
Lisa Hansen (Flûte traversiére), Susan Jolles (Harpe), John Klibonoff (Piano), Laura Tucker, Fridman
  1. I Remember (from the musical Yours, Anne) for cello, flute, piano, harp and voice
    Based on The Diary of Anne Frank, commemorating the 50th anniversary of her death and the end of the Holocaust.
    1, Dear Kitty, I am thirteen
    2, I suppose
    3, It's like a little light
    4, I remember
    5, Dark Night
    6, Dear Kitty, I am fifteen
    7, I'm facing myself
    8, Dear Kitty, I see the world
  2. A Song for Silenced Voices for Cello and Piano
    1, Andante
    2, Quasi cadenza
  3. Dialogues for Flute, Cello and Piano
    1, Moderato
    2, Allegro
    3, Maestoso
    4, Con moto
    5, Piu mosso
    6, Allegro