Erwin Schulhoff
Challenge CC72730
Forbidden Music

Daahoud Salim Alvarez, piano
Nadezda Filippova, piano *
Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Andrew Grams, conductor
09 September 2016



Schulhoff’s music remained a well-kept secret for many years, due in part to its apparent eclecticism. Fortunately, that situation has changed over the last twenty years or so.
This CD from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam contains piano works from the period 1920-1931, an extremely fruitful period during which Schulhoff gave vent to his fascination for the new jazz and dance music without entirely losing sight of classical tradition.
He was a brilliant pianist himself, making frequent appearances in the concert hall and later in radio studios, renowned for his immaculate technique, fabulous memory and prowess as an improviser.
The combination of classical foundations and more decorative jazz elements in Schulhoff’s music suits Daahoud Salim Alvarez down to the ground, as he studied both classical and jazz piano at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.
Schulhoff constantly faced the dilemma of respecting traditions while at the same time being keen to distance himself from them. This is illustrated, for instance, by his Concerto for piano and chamber orchestra - February 1923.

Konzert für Klavier und kleines Orchester op. 43 WV 66
  1. I. Molto Sostenuto 6:18
  2. II. Sostenuto 7:25
  3. III. Allegro alla Jazz 6:49
Troisième Suite pour piano pour la main gauche WV 80
  1. I. Preludio 3:39
  2. II. Air 2:58
  3. III. Zingara 2:27
  4. IV. Improvisazione 3:33
  5. V. Finale 2:53
Suite dansante en jazz WV 98
  1. I. Stomp 0:56
  2. II. Strait 2:06
  3. III. Waltz 2:16
  4. IV. Tango 1:18
  5. V. Slow 2:45
  6. VI. Fox-Trot 1:43
Ironien op. 34 WV 55 - suite pour piano à quatre mains *
  1. I. Allegro molto ritmico 1:24
  2. II. Allegro agitato 1:31
  3. III. Alla Marcia militaristica 2:58
  4. IV. Allegro ma non troppo 1:39
  5. V. Allegro deciso 2:04
  6. VI. Tempo di Fox 2:25