CD Title Artists

Koch 3 1129 2
Serenade op18
Ogelala (ballet)
Staatsphilharmonie Brünn
Israel Yinon

Koch 3 1167 2
Chamber Music for violin, cello and piano Stefan Wagner (violin)
Bernhardt Gmelin (cello)
Jürgen Lamke (piano)

Koch 3 1186 2
Piano works Ulrich Urban

Koch 3 1232 2
Concertino for flute, viola & double-bass
Divertissement for oboe, clarinet & bassoon
Sonata for flute & piano
Sonata for alto saxophone & piano "Hot-Sonata"
Hans-Udo Heinzmann, flute
Thomas Oepen, viola
Volker Donandt, double-bass

Bjorn Groth, oboe
Walter Hermann, clarinet
Malte Lammers, bassoon

Hans-Udo Heinzmann, flute
Jurgen Lamke, piano

Detlef Bensmann, alto saxophon
Michael Rische, piano

Koch 3 1437 2
Symphony No1
Suite for chamber orchestra
Staatsphilharmonie Brünn
Israel Yinon
Koch 3 1543 2 Symphony No2
Symphony No3
Concerto for string quartet and winds
Kyncl Quartet
Staatsphilharmonie Brünn
Israel Yinon

Koch 3 1597 2
Concerto for Piano and Small Orchestra, Op. 43
Symphony No5
Michael Rische (Piano)
Kölner Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester
Günther Schuller