Musical Heritage Society MHS 512514T





Leonard Bernstein (Composer, Conductor) : Chichester Psalms (Hebrew)
First Recording in composer's original version
The combined Concert and Resident Concert Choir of the American Boychoir School
Soloist : Todd Caruso, Boy alto
The New York Vocal Consort
The American Symphony Orchestra
  1. Urah hanevel!
  2. 2.Adonai roi
  3. 3.Prelude: Adonai, Adonai
Charles Davidson (Composer) : I Never Saw Another Butterfly
Orchestration by Donaid Fraser (b. 1947)
The American Boychoir Concert Choir
Principal Soloists : Lance Wiliford, Patrick Mitten, Trebles
Narrator : Kelly Seaton
The American Symphony Orchestra
James Litton (Conductor)
  1. At Terezin (Eng) Bass, Franta (1930-1944)
  2. Birdsong (Eng) Kosek, M., H. Lowy, Bachner
  3. I Never Saw Another Butterfly Friedmann, Pavel
  4. I'd Like To Go Alone (Eng) Snykova, Alena (b.1926)
  5. It All Depends On How You...(Eng) Kosek, Miroslav (1932-1944)
  6. Man Proposes God Disposes (Eng) Kosek, M/ H. Lowy, Bachner
  7. On A Sunny Evening (Eng)
  8. Preludium - Night In The Ghetto Badin, M
  9. Terezin (Eng)
  10. Terezin (Hachenberg, Eng) Hachenburg, Hanus (1929-1943)
  11. The Garden (Eng) Bass, Franta (1930-1944)
  12. The Little Mouse (Eng) Kosek, M., H. Lowy, Bachner
  13. We Got Used To Standing In Line Fishl, Petr (1929-1944)
  14. Yes That's The Way Things Are Kosek, M., H. Lowy, Bachner