Karl (Ignaz) Weigl
6 février 1881, Vienne, Autriche - 11 août 1949, New York, NY, USA

Liste des Œuvres

Vally Weigl (Valerie Pick)
11 septembre 1894, Vienne, Autriche - 25 décembre 1982, New York, NY, USA

Liste des Oeuvres

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Karl (Ignaz) Weigl

Six Fantasies (1942)
Toteninsel (Isle of the Dead) (1903)
Bilder und Geschichten (Pictures and Tales), Op. 2 (1909)
Tanz der Erinnyen (Dance of the Furies) (1937-38)
Nachtphantasien (Night Fantasies), Op. 13 (1911)
Joseph Banowetz (piano)

Naxos 8.572423
28 May 2012

Night Fantasies pour piano
1. Adagio
2. Molto agitato
3. Adagio, teneramente
4. Molto agitato
5 Animato teneramente
Dwight Peltzer

Serenus Corporation SRS12072 / CL2161 (LP)
(+Dane Rudhyar: Tetragrams, first series)

Seven Songs Op. 1 (1903-4)
Selected Songs (1900-1936)
Five Duets for soprano and baritone (1909)
Five Songs for soprano and string quartet (1934)

Viola Sonata (1940)
Two Pieces for cello and piano (1940)
String Quartet No. 4 (1924)

Evelyn Chih-Yih Chan (sop)
Michael Kutner (par)
Garth Knox (viola)
Maróth Bálint (cello)
Bárkányi Éva (piano)
Stephane Ginsburg (piano)
Akadémia Kvartett

The Karl Weigl Foundation KWF 991001-2

Trio for violin, cello and piano in D Minor (1938-39) George Marsh (violin)
Steven Honigberg (cello)
Joseph Holt (piano)

Albany Records TROY437

Trio for violin, cello and piano in D Minor (1938-39) Works for piano trio
Osiris Trio

Peter Brunt (violin)
Larissa Groeneveld (cello)
Ellen Corver (piano)

Challenge Classics CC72614

Symphonie Nr.5 "Apocalypse"(1945)
Phantastisches Intermezzo, Op. 18 (1921)
Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Sanderling

Bis 1077

Symphonie Nr.6 (1947)
Old Vienna * (1939)
Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Sanderling
Alun Francis *
Lieder, op. 1
1. Job XIV
3. Der Tag klingt ab
Christopher Norton-Welsh, baryton
Charles Spencer, piano
Preiser 120 653 (LP)
(juin-juillet 1983)
Gesänge Op. 1 (7)
Steven Kimbrough, baryton
Dalton Baldwin, piano

Koch Schwann 310942

String Quartet No.3 A-Major Op. 4 Chester Quartet

Stolat SZM 0121 (LP)

String Quartet No.1 Op. 20
String Quartet No.5 Op. 31
Artis Quartett Wien

Nimbus NI 5646

String Quartet No.3 A-Major Op. 4 Artis Quartett Wien

Orfeo (S, C, M) 216901 (LP, CD, K7)

String Quartet No.1 Op. 20 in C minor Christopher Quartet

Indiana University IUSM 01

String Quartet No.5 Op. 31 Irish Vanbrugh Quartet
Gregory Ellis and Keith Pascoe, violin
Simon Aspell, viola
Christopher Marwood, cello
RN Music MCSM1_6
Live 2004-2005
Promotional Item Available Only to Radio Partners
String Quartet No.7 Brno Quartet
Serenus SRS 12093 (LP)
Streichquartette Vol.1
Streichquartette Nr. 7 & 8
Thomas Christian Ensemble
CPO 555201-2
Sonata for viola and piano in E-flat, Op. 32 (July 1940) (1)
3 Songs for Mezzo Soprano and String Quartet (2)
String Quartet No.6 in C Major (3)
Paul Doktor (alto) (1)
Nadia Reisenberg (piano) (1)
Alice Howland (mezzo) (2)
Woodstock Quartet (2)
Loewenguth Quartet (3)

Triad Records TRI 1 (LP)
recorded ca. 1952-53

Colette Boky, soprano
Judith Raskin, soprano
Betty Allen, mezzo-soprano
George Shirley, tenor
William Warfield, baritone
David Garvey, piano
Orion ORS 81407 - Lanui LAN 0533
LP 33 1/3 r/min, stereo; 30 cm / CD MP3, 320kbps
1981 / 2013
Sonata for viola and piano in E-flat, Op. 32 (July 1940) (1)
Cello Sonata (2)
2 Pieces for Cello & Piano (3)
3 Songs (4)
Paul Doktor, Viola (1)
Richard Woitach, Piano (1-4)
Kermit Moore, Cello (2-3)
David Holloway, bariton (4)

Orion ORS 80389 (LP) (1980)

Rhapsodie für Streicher op.30 Tonkuenstler Kammerorchester, 
Bijan Khadem-Missagh

ORF CD 109

BETTY ALLEN, mezzo-soprano

TURNABOUT Records TVS-34522 (DOLBY Stereo LP)
Recording 1973

Five songs for soprano and string quartet, op. 40
Three songs for alto and string quartet *
String quartet no. 5, in G, op. 31
Patricia Brooks, soprano
Betty Allen, mezzosoprano *
Iowa String Quartet
New York, 1969

Composers Recordings CRI 242 SD (LP)
New World Records NWCRI 242
(CD, 2009; remastered)

Three Songs for contralto & string quartet
English translations by Lydia Perera and Vally Weigl
1. Der toten Mutter
2. Jesus
3. O Nacht, du silberbleiche
Arco & Pizzicato: Music for Strings
Maureen Forrester
Phoenix String Quartet

Serenus Corporation Stereo SRS 12062

Trost from 5 Lieder op.40 for soprano & string quartet Evelyn Chih-Yih Chan
Akademia quartet

Quasi Una Fantasia - Juden und die Musikstadt Wien
Wolke Verlagsges, 2003
ISBN : 3-93600-006-9

28 Variations on an Eight Bar Theme for piano op.15 (1907)
Sonata for violoncello and piano op.41 (1923)
Two Pieces for violoncello and piano op.33 (1940)
Minuet for violoncello and piano (1940)
Cello Music of the Fin de Siècle in Vienna
Othmar Müller (cello)
Leonore Aumaier (piano)
Camerata CMCD-28245
Rec. 19-23 Oct 2000
Nimbus Concert Hall, Monmouth, England
Violin Sonata No. 1 in C major (1923)
Violin Sonata No. 2 in G major (1937)
Two Pieces for violin and piano (1942)
Six Fantasies for Piano, Nos. 1 and 4 (1944)
Dorian / Sono Luminus
John McLaughlin Williams, violin
Glen Inanga, piano
2 octobre 2013, Villa Aurora
Ach hartes Herz, lass dich doch eins erweichen, Op. Post. No. 3

Zum Einschlafen, Op. 11 No. 2

Wunderhornlieder - Into a Simpler World …
Col Legno WWE1CD60024

Wolfgang Holzmair (baritone)
Therese Lindquist (piano)
Nov. 2013
Sonata for viola and piano in E-flat, Op. 32 (July 1940) Viola in Exile
Gramola 99026

Julia Rebekka Adler, viola
Alex Gremmelspacher, piano
Concerto for cello and Orchestra
Two pieces for Cello and Piano *
Menuetto for Cello and Piano *
Cello Sonata **
Voices of the Wilderness / Cello Concertos by Exiled Jewish Composers
CPO 555189-2

Raphael Wallfisch, Cellist
John York (*), Edward Rushton (**), piano
Kozerthausorchester Berlin
Nicholas Milton, conductor
Rec. 2017-2018
Rel. 2019
Sonata for viola and piano in E-flat, Op. 32 (July 1940) Viola Sonatas
Romeo Records 7317

Paul Doktor, viola
Nadia Reisenberg, piano
Originally released on a Triad Records LP, recorded ca. 1952-53
October 1, 2015
(1-3) Concerto for Piano (Left Hand) and Orchestra in E flat major (1924)
(4-6) Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D major (1928)
Capriccio C5232
Florian Krumpöck, piano (1-3)
David Frühwirth, violin (4-6)
Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock
Manfred Hermann Lehner, conductor (1-3)
Florian Krumpöck, conductor (4-6)
  • Five Songs from "Phantasus" op. 9 for high voice and piano (1905)
  • Five Songs for soprano and string quartet op. 40 (1934)
  • Drei Mädchenlieder op.12 (1909) for soprano and piano
  • Six Children Songs for high voice and piano (1932-1944)
  • Das Rosenband (from Liebeslieder op. 22) (1908, rev.1944)
  • Five Duets for soprano, baritone and piano (1909)
  • The Invisible Light for high voice and piano (1939)
  • Ein Stelldichein op.16 for high voice and string sextet (1904)
Capriccio C5259
Sophie Klußmann, soprano
Sebastian Noack, baritone (Five Duets)
Oliver Triendl, piano
Soloists of Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
1. Violin Sonata No. 2 in G major (1937)
2. Two Pieces for violin and piano (1942)
3. Two Pieces for cello and piano (1940)
4. Trio for violin, cello and piano in D Minor (1938-39)
Capriccio Music C5318
David Frühwirth, violin
Benedict Klöckner, cello
Florian Krumpöck, Klavier
1-2 Deutschlandradio in 2016
3-4 Kultur Sommer Semmering festival. 2016
  • Symphony No.1 in E flat, Op. 5 (1908)
  • Pictures and Tales (1922)
    Set of six short piano pieces (1909), orchestrated in 1922
Capriccio C5365
Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz
Jurgen Bruns
17 mai 2019
  • Symphony No. 4 in F minor (1936)
  • Symphony No. 6 in A  minor (1947)
Capriccio C5385
Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz
Jürgen Bruns



Elena Fitzthum & Primavera Gruber
Give them Music
Musiktherapie im Exil am Beispiel von Vally Weigl
Wiener Beiträge zur Musiktherapie 6, Wien
Edition Praesens (2003)
ISBN : 978-3-7069-0191-8

Vally Weigl

  Toccatina pour piano All woman composers sound recording
Chromattica Cassette OCLC 20397819 or OCLC:17281368
, USA, [1983]
Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila (Cassette)

Mostly women composers sound recording
Lecture recital of piano music.
Chromattica Cassettes OCLC 22657442
, [Nov. 15, 1986]
Luton Industrial College, Luton, England (2 Cassettes)
Selma Epstein, piano

1. Nature moods for Tenor, Clarinet and Violin
2. New England Suite for Clarinet, Violoncello and Piano
Music of nature and the gods
Composers Recording CRI SD 326
New World Records NWCRL326
George Shirley, tenor (1)
Stanley Drucker, clarinet (1, 2)
Ilse Sass, piano (2)
Kenneth Gordon, violin (1)
Kermit Moore, violoncello (2)
New England Suite for Clarinet, Cello and Piano Music for the Appalachian Trail
Gasparo GPR GS236
Adelicia Ensemble
Lee Levine (Clarinet), Roy Christensen (Cello), Amy Dorfman (Piano)
Songs of Remembrance (Poèmes de Emily Dickenson)
1. Heart! We will forget him
2. What shall I do when the Summer troubles?
3. Mother Nature
4. Wild nights
5. If you were coming in the fall
The American Chamber Ensemble
Leonarda LE 329
Deirdre Kingsbury, mezzo-soprano
Naomi Drucker, clarinet
Blanche Abram, piano
1. Dear earth for baritone, horn, violin, cello, and piano
Words by Frederika Blankner
2. Brief encounters
for clarinet, horn, bassoon, and oboe
3. Songs of love and leaving
for mezzo-soprano, baritone, clarinet and piano
Words by Carl Sandburg
LP Orion ORS 80393 [1980]
Lanui 0404 (MP3)
1 2 3
Robert Shiesley, baritone
Peter Gordon, horn
Marilyn Dubow, violin
David Moore, violoncello
Ilse Sass, piano
Members of City Winds Shirley Love, mezzo-soprano
David Holloway, baritone
Richard Woitach, piano
Lawrence Sobel, clarinet
1. Echoes from Poems
2. Lyrical Suite
for voice, piano, flute and cello
3. Songs from "Do not Awake Me"
4. Songs from "No Boundary"
for voice, piano, flute and cello
Musical Heritage Society MHS 38 80
Laurel Miller, mezzo-soprano
David Holloway, baritone
Vally Weigl and Ilse Sass, piano
1. Songs Newly Seen in the Dusk
2. Songs of Remembrance
3. Requiem for Allison
LP Orion ORS 81410
Constance Beavon, Mezzo-soprano
String quartet (Gregory Komar, Alvin Rogers, Linda Lawrence, David Moore)
In Springtime pour voix et piano
Songs from "No Boundary" pour voix, piano, flûte et violoncelle
Oiseau de la vie pour flûte
Old time Burlesque pour violoncelle et piano
Lyrical Suite pour voix, piano, flûte et violoncelle
New England Suite pour clarinette, violoncelle et piano
Frauentöne CD vol.4
Lisbeth Ehn-Moseby, piano
Ursula Fiedler, singer
Maria Frodl, cello
Sonja Korak, flute
Heinz-Peter Linshalm, Clarinet
Re Nova Classics RNC 050601
Old Time Burlesque pour alto et piano (1937) Miriam's Song
Music by Jewish women composers
Zuk Records 332

Semjon Kalinowsky - Viola
Bella Kalinowska - Piano
Christmas in the Holy Land (text by Mary Hoxie Jones) Singing out of the Silence
Earlham College Press (CD, 1994)
Earlham College Concert Choir and Madrigal Singers
Daniel H. Graves

  4. Toccatina en hommage à Robert Schumann
  5. "Who is at my window?", d'après D. Levertow
  6. "Living a Life", d'après D. Levertow
  7. "Hymn to Eros", d'après D. Levertow
17. "All Day I Hear the Noise of Waters", d'après J. Joyce
18. "Listen", d'après C. Fische
EntArteOpera Festival
Musique de compositrices persécutées.
Gramola 99183

Enregistrement : 11-13/10/2016, Lieu : Pfaffendorf, Autriche
Année d'édition : 2019
Hermine Haselböck, mezzo-soprano (4-7, 17-18)
Franz Bartolomey, violoncelle (5-7)
Clemens Zeilinger, piano (4, 17-18)